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This mom was past her estimated due date. It never dawned on either of us that she could have a New Year’s baby. I arrived to meet her in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Bamberg where she spent time walking to get to the hospital with her by 10:00pm. There was a riotous group of people outside the emergency room for a gunshot victim that had been brought in. That explains the police cars.

  • Baby girl, Johnalyn Laurel
  • 1.1.08, 2:22am
  • 8 lbs, 4 oz and 21.5 inches.

Mind you – there is no epidural available at this hospital. Good going, mom! I also noticed a similarity between me & Jody – laughter when in pain! But, this whole family was just so funny and in good spirits the whole sleepless night! I chose the leading verse in the slideshow because that is what was on my mind the entire time I spent editing their images.

Beautiful family! For those that do not know, this is her 5th beautiful child. Her 3rd child and my 4th child were born 1 day apart and will be 4 years old in just over a week! Here are a few images for a sneak peek. The slideshow is below.

Waxy Baby

Mammy bathing baby

No words needed

Daddy’s Hands

The slideshow below will temporarily need to be accessed here.

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