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Whiskey Road Race

October 4, 2008

My son ran in the Whiskey Road Race 2 mile this morning. Here’s a video clip though it is shaky due to my husband’s mobility. (Note to Joe, the zoom button is in the upper right corner. I love you!) This race started at 7:30am. Joe ran the Whiskey Road Race 10K at 8am. Wesley tried to record his finish, but it just didn’t work out. Good job both of you!!

For those of you not from the Aiken area, Whiskey Road is the name of the road the race starts and ends on. 

I also apologize for being MIA with posting to this blog. Let this be step 1 to a return.

This mom was past her estimated due date. It never dawned on either of us that she could have a New Year’s baby. I arrived to meet her in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Bamberg where she spent time walking to get to the hospital with her by 10:00pm. There was a riotous group of people outside the emergency room for a gunshot victim that had been brought in. That explains the police cars.

  • Baby girl, Johnalyn Laurel
  • 1.1.08, 2:22am
  • 8 lbs, 4 oz and 21.5 inches.

Mind you – there is no epidural available at this hospital. Good going, mom! I also noticed a similarity between me & Jody – laughter when in pain! But, this whole family was just so funny and in good spirits the whole sleepless night! I chose the leading verse in the slideshow because that is what was on my mind the entire time I spent editing their images.

Beautiful family! For those that do not know, this is her 5th beautiful child. Her 3rd child and my 4th child were born 1 day apart and will be 4 years old in just over a week! Here are a few images for a sneak peek. The slideshow is below.

Waxy Baby

Mammy bathing baby

No words needed

Daddy’s Hands

The slideshow below will temporarily need to be accessed here.

“John and Cleve In the Morning” is airing on wafj, our local Christian radio station. This morning, they are discussing what happened to Cleve this weekend. Here’s a link to their morning show webpage where they’ve posted this picture below. When I got this photo, I was pre-focused and anticipating this shot, but this guy is really quick. It is only by the grace of God that I was able to get this close to this moment!

John and Cleve In the Morning:

Photo of Cleve's weekend adventure

Wayne Herring is the Evangelist with Karate for Christ. You can contact him via email. His testimony for Christ is amazing.

The APCC Lifewalk was held at Odell Weeks Center in Aiken Saturday morning from 9-12. This year’s theme was “Take a stand for life”. You can visit their website at

Labor Day Maternity Session

September 4, 2007

It’s a girl!

I love you daddy

Marine Bear

Sweet Dreams

His Ring

I was really hoping for a maternity session, birth session or marketing of related sessions on Labor Day itself. When we booked a maternity session for Saturday, we thought “close enough”. Then, I booked a maternity session for the morning of Labor Day! I was really excited!

Her husband is currently still overseas. We are all praying he will get to come home in time for her delivery. Pray with us for this.

Here is a sneak peek from the session! Wesley – I sincerely hope you enjoy seeing your beautiful wife’s pictures in anticipation of your return home! God bless you and all those working with you! Click play below to view the slideshow.

Rebecca – thank you for showing her my album!

Cat named MEOW

August 16, 2007

This cat belongs to my youngest son’s friend. The cat is appropriately named “Meow”!

You can customize this puzzle to your preference of difficulty level.

Cat named MEOW Jigsaw PuzzleCat named MEOW Jigsaw Puzzle


July 11, 2007

SLOW BOWL Jigsaw PuzzleSLOW BOWL Jigsaw Puzzle

I figured this would be a fitting puzzle given that I have missed posting for a couple of weeks. We’ve been busy. Thought I’d throw some more fun your way.

This image is from one of the many balls that took 30-seconds to reach the pins thrown by my two youngest children. It was a fun time playing ONE game for TWO HOURS!


June 21, 2007


Enjoy today’s photo puzzle. This is a friend’s foal named Tinkerbell for short. I posted this on the blog I helped her set up, too. Click on the image below to scramble and solve. You can even customize the difficulty level. 

I just love these photo jigsaw puzzles. I wanted to start sharing these with all my readers. Thank you for visiting. Remember to click on the register link under the Meta section on the side to sign up for email updates when this blog is updated.

Beach & Mountains

June 4, 2007

My two older children just got back from Myrtle Beach yesterday. This morning, I dropped them off at our former church to head off to camp in the NC Mountains for a week. Fun! Fun! Wish we could join them. Instead, we are here cleaning house, editing photos, ordering prints, etc… :)

 Tomorrow, we will go to our playdate. We typically meet on Monday mornings, but with the camp drop-off this morning, that got changed to Tuesday this week. We enjoy our time over there. Joey has a 3 year old boy to play with and I get to talk to his mommy!

School got out last week, so summer is here!

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